Ethan Bennett Design



Allow me to
introduce myself.  


My name is Ethan Bennett and I'm an art director and graphic designer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. What began as a childhood passion for art and illustration later evolved into a fascination with visual language, type and the never-ending journey of learning that is the multifaceted field of design. I view it as a craft, as an art, and as a science. I’ve been working professionally for over twelve years now, collecting a variety of experiences and skills along the way. It’s a trade that requires a wide breadth of skill because no two projects are the same.

From large corporate campaigns to show posters for local bands, I've worn many hats. The love of drawing and painting never left me, and I still enjoy incorporating hand-rendered elements into my work (when it makes sense). My skills range from hand lettering and illustration to UX and UI design. I find creative problem solving gratifying, and the pleasure of seeing something I’ve created out in the world never gets old. I am always looking forward to new challenges.